1st Anniversary of The WAFORT Responsible Tourism Community

The story of responsible tourism has received and generated much attention, support, and action around the world. Vietnamese are showing more and more interest in positive and lasting values. A number of travel agencies and accommodation establishments in Vietnam have also decided to self-regulate, train and ally themselves with organizations to develop responsible tourism such as Travelife (Holland). However, in reality, there are still many accreditation criteria that are not adapted to the real situation in Vietnam. In addition, the sustainable organizations and associations that exist in Vietnam often cater to foreign tourists, not Vietnamese. Despite many difficulties, the responsible tourism community WAFORT was born in this context.

About the responsible tourism community WAFORT?

WAFORT, which stands for “We act for responsible tourism”, was created on February 22, 2022, by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toan, the chief executive of Image Travel & Events – a leader in the French market for tours in Vietnam. This non-profit community brings together Vietnamese tourism businesses to take action in favor of responsible tourism. The actions are based on 50 action plans relating to the social, economic, and environmental aspects. Many volunteers (students, guides, employees, etc.) in the sector join hands and join forces to support this community. In just 1 year through many activities and events to promote responsible tourism, WAFORT receives a lot of attention and support from press agencies, universities, and also from the Tourism Department of Ho Chi Minh City:


  • Promoting the image of the public bike service, and electric Vinbuses in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Promotion of shuttles linking the airport and the city center.
  • Video presentation of local dishes
  • Presentation video of the Fine Arts Museum of Ho Chi Minh
  • “Responsible tourism actions” competition
  • Awareness of tourists on the importance of avoiding elephant rides at the Tourism Fair in Ho Chi Minh
  • Seminars at universities in Ho Chi Minh.
  • Presentation of the hotel Chez Mimosa and its actions in terms of responsible tourism.
  • Seminar on the theme of “the implementation of responsible travel in the tourism industry” with the participation of more than 15 companies in the sector.
  • Several articles are written by WAFORT on local travel agencies that practice responsible tourism such as: Vietnam Highland Travel, Vinh Hy Blueskies, Gite Nam Hien, Image Travel & Events, Chez Mimosa…
  • Organization of “waste collection” days for student trips, and company trips.

La communauté WAFORT après 1 an de construction

Last February 22, 2023, took place the celebration of the 1 year of the creation of the responsible tourism community WAFORT. Twenty companies and tourist organizations have expected from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Doan Vien restaurant in District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City. Several representatives from universities, the national park, newspapers or the Ho Chi Minh Tourism Department, etc., were also present to support and contribute to the contribution of new ideas for the development of the community in 2023.


Alongside the sharing of experiences concerning responsible tourism activities. The companies have set up their offices, with their partners, and in their tourist products. For the very first time, that day, all the companies present have made a commitment by signing the WAFORT responsible tourism convention.

  • For the environment: protect the environment, protect biodiversity, and limit the consumption of fuels that are harmful to the environment. Favor the use of environmentally friendly products, raise employee and customer awareness of energy management tariffs environment.
  • For society: ensure the well-being of employees, aim for social justice, encourage transparent philanthropy, and jointly protect the rights of children. support in difficult situations within the limits of the capacities of companies,
  • For the economy: Prioritize the use of local products and services, contributing to the local economic growth of the destination.
  • For culture and awareness: respecting and celebrating local cultural diversity, with the team and visitors keeping the sense of public places, respecting the host community of each tourist destination.
  • For the spread of responsible tourism: promote communication as an important task, raise awareness, and engage tourists.
  • For WAFORT: to implement the action plan including the 50 requirements of WAFORT. Ready to support WAFORT in order to expand the responsible tourism community. As well as to communicate and spread the values of WAFORT to the tourism community.

This year, WAFORT should grow considerably and shine thanks to the follow-up projects carried out by the volunteers directly in the member companies as well as by companies interested in responsible tourism.