Sustainability Policy of DMC Mekong Image Travel & Events

At DMC Mekong Image Travel & Events, sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s a fundamental principle guiding all our endeavors. As a Travelife partner, we understand the importance of conducting our operations with a focus on sustainable tourism and responsibility, not only for the environment but also for society, nature, and humanity. Below are our detailed sustainability policies and codes of conduct that we encourage you to review!

You may not be familiar with Travelife yet! It’s an international organization supporting travel companies and tour operators worldwide in understanding and achieving sustainable standards in the tourism industry. Travelife offers three levels of certification: Travelife Engaged, Travelife Partner, and Travelife Certified. Upon achieving Travelife Partner status, companies or bussiness gain access to online training courses, seminars, as well as sustainable management tools, detailed action plans, and guidelines related to sustainable tourism. To register for membership with DMC Mekong Image Travel & Events to participate in Travelife, please fill out the information here


IMAGE Travel & Events is always committed to organizing sustainable trips, providing eco-friendly activities, and preserving the environment while boosting the local economy where travelers visit and stay. This aims to foster community development, contributing to an improved quality of life for the local residents.


Embracing sustainable tourism as our standard, we consistently integrate environmentally friendly activities, promote cultural heritage preservation, connect with local communities, safeguard children, and instigate positive societal change into our programs. Through responsible and sustainable travel experiences, we aspire to inspire all participants to understand and work towards a more sustainable, beautiful, green, and clean future.

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Sustainability Policy – DMC Mekong Image Travel & Events

Code of conduct of DMC Mekong Image Travel & Events

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