Mai Chau

1. Mai Chau overview

  • Mai Chau Vietnam is a highland district, located in the northwest of Hoa Binh province. About 140 km from Hanoi.
  • Topography: can be divided into two distinct regions: Lowland has relatively flat terrain, fertile soil. The highlands have many mountain ranges, high and dangerous terrain.
  • Climate: There are 2 distinct seasons. Rainy season from May to October. Dry season from November to April next year.
  • Ethnicity: Thai, Muong, Kinh, Mong, Dao

2. When is the best time to travel to Mai Chau?

Every season, Mai Chau Vietnam is beautiful in its own way.

  • From February to April is spring, the flowers bloom, the weather is warm and quite pleasant. Mai Chau’s landscape changes throughout the summer.
  • From May to June is the rice season, the yellow color of ripe rice covers the valley.
  • July is the rainy season.
  • From August to October is the most beautiful season to travel to Mai Chau Vietnam. Enjoy the autumn weather in the sunshine pouring honey on the rice fields.
  • At the end of October, the valley turns yellow when it is time to harvest.
  • From November to January next year is the season of apricot and plum blossoms in the valley.

3. How to get to Moc Chau?

Mai Chau is about 140 km from Hanoi capital, you can go by car to Mai Chau Vietnam. It will usually be included in the tour program for a week or more to explore the mountains of Northern Vietnam.

4. Places not to be missed in Mai Chau

Thung Khe Pass

mai chau

Compared to the North hill of Mai Chau, coming here to your clients will be like stepping into the European landscape with the white space of rocky mountains and the fog covered.

Thung Nai port

mai chau

About 20 km from Hoa Binh city center, Thung Nai is likened to “Ha Long on land”. The beauty of Thung Nai is the combination of Da River and majestic mountains, suitable for short weekend trips.

Mai Chau flagpole

mai chau

Passing through Thung Khe pass, don’t rush to Mai Chau immediately, but stop at the Flagpole. From the Flagpole, your clients can enjoy the panoramic view of valley with white clouds floating on the mountainside, as if you are lost in a dreamland.

Lac village

mai chau

One of Mai Chau attractions is Lac village, the most beautiful village in Mai Chau. The village has existed for 700 years so far. Here, your customers will admire the stretching fields, interspersed with villages, enjoy and hand-pick the souvenir brocade products they like.

Pom Coong village

mai chau

Coming here, your customers will feel the beauty of nature, the cultural features of the Thai people, or the scene of typical Thai stilt houses. And above all, the friendly people, Thai dances and songs echo throughout the mountains and forests as if inviting people to Mai Chau tourism.

Chieu Cave

mai chau

Chieu Cave is a famous Mai Chau tourist destination. From town, your customers will have to conquer 1200 stone steps to reach the cave. Chieu Cave is a cave formed from stalactites. This name is given by the people, because when the afternoon comes, the sunlight shines directly into the cave, the rays make the splendor of each stalactite block create a beautiful scene.

Go Lao Waterfall

mai chau

About 15 km from Mai Chau town. Go Lao Waterfall is located at the foot of the mountain, close to the edge of Hoa Binh hydropower plant. The waterfall falls white and clear, foaming up the ravine like a symphony between the mountains and the forest. An attractive Mai Chau tourist destination, well worth exploring.

5. Mai Chau cuisine and specialties

Bee pupae

This is a rustic and unique dish that is very popular with the Muong people in here. In the wild bee season (usually at the end of summer), people in the village look for beehives as big as a small basket to bring back. Pick up the old brown bees to soak in wine, and the fat and round white young bees are used to prepare special dishes.

Mai Ha Wine

Hoa Binh people are no stranger to Mai Ha wine. Everywhere in Hoa Binh people also call Mai Ha wine a specialty. Especially, this wine is mainly used to soak medicine, very good.

Mountain snails

This is a dish not available everywhere, only from April to August. Because it is only seasonal, the price of snails in here is not cheap. So if your customers come here around this time. Please advise them to try this specialty dish at least once!

Da river fish

Da river fish is a type of fish in Hoa Binh lake, where the Da river flows quietly. Because it is a natural fish, each one is extremely large, the fish meat is very firm, delicious without being friable. It can process many dishes such as steamed dong leaves, braised with meat or grilled with banana leaves, etc.

Hill chicken

Hill chicken is a type of chicken that is grazed in the garden, on the hill or in the forest and raised naturally. Anyone who has ever eaten the original Mai Chau hill chicken cannot forget its special delicious taste.



The above sharing has brought you useful information about the upcoming journeys to Moc Chau for your customers. Please contact your local travel partner for advice on interesting Moc Chau travel itineraries!