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Positive impacts of international tourists on Vietnam

Every year, Vietnam, with its rich culture, picturesque landscapes, and delicious cuisine, welcomes millions of tourists from around the world. The beneficial influence of these visitors on Vietnam (or its local population) is widely recognized. Indeed, the economic, cultural, and social impacts of international tourists leave a profound mark on the lives of Vietnam’s inhabitants and contribute to the overall development of the country.

Tourism as a vital economic engine

The tourism industry serves as a vital economic engine for Vietnam. Foreign tourists’ spending on hotels, restaurants, local shops, and tourist attractions injects valuable foreign currency into the Vietnamese economy. These financial flows create jobs in various sectors, from hospitality to local craftsmanship, thereby providing employment and income opportunities for many Vietnamese. The positive economic impacts are felt at all levels of society.

Ban Gioc - Cao Bang

Ban Gioc waterfall – Cao Bang

The development of tourist infrastructure in Vietnam

With the significant increase in the number of international tourists, there has been a noticeable development of tourist infrastructure such as the expansion of the electrical grid, construction of new roads and bridges, expansion of airports, and enhancement of public transportation. These efforts aim to meet the growing demand for more remote tourist destinations, thereby reducing travel times through the use of modern and sustainable means of transportation. Consequently, local residents also benefit from the gradual improvement of the country’s infrastructure, contributing to their quality of life.

Cultural and social exchange

Interactions between international tourists and Vietnamese people foster cultural exchange and strengthen the social fabric of the country. Travelers from different parts of the world bring their own traditions, languages, and customs, creating a dynamic multicultural environment. Vietnamese individuals have the opportunity to learn from and share with these visitors, expanding their horizons and promoting intercultural understanding. Furthermore, these cultural exchanges encourage the preservation and promotion of Vietnamese culture, inspiring locals to cherish and share their heritage with the world. Such cultural interactions have positive impacts on Vietnamese society by promoting open-mindedness and cultural diversity.

Experiencing Ecolodge Accommodation is one of the best choices that visitors must try."

Experiencing Ecolodge Accommodation is one of the best choices that visitors must try.

Transformation of travel habits in Vietnam

International tourists visiting Vietnam play an essential role in transforming the travel habits of Vietnamese people. Under the influence of cultural interchange and advanced tourism models from other countries, Vietnamese individuals are gradually altering their approach and experience of tourism.

One of the most noticeable changes is the shift from traditional tourism focused on sightseeing and taking selfies at iconic locations to experience-based tourism. Rather than solely concentrating on popular tourist destinations and shopping, Vietnamese people are increasingly interested in exploring and understanding local culture. They actively seek out unique travel experiences, such as participating in traditional festivals, discovering local cuisine, or engaging in nature and environmentally-related activities.

Adoption of sustainable travel practices

For a long time, domestic tourists have often faced criticism from local populations for environmentally disrespectful behaviors, such as littering, excessive use of single-use plastic items, and exhaustive exploitation of tourist resources, including natural and cultural resources. These practices have adverse impacts on the environment and society, threatening the sustainability of tourist destinations.

The development of international tourism encourages Vietnamese people to adopt sustainable travel habits. Awareness of the importance of environmental protection and cultural preservation is increasing, prompting Vietnamese individuals to travel more responsibly. They opt for sustainable tourism services, avoid polluting activities, and support local communities by purchasing local products.

In 2023, Vietnam was the only market in the Asia-Pacific region to be classified in the group of cautious tourist destinations, environmentally responsible, and willing to support local communities. This conclusion stems from the latest study on the Travel Confidence Index (TCI 2023) in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region conducted independently by the application between April and May 2023, involving over 8,000 travelers from 11 countries and territories across the APAC region. This ranking underscores Vietnam’s efforts to promote sustainable and responsible tourism, with positive impacts on the environment and local communities.

Vietnam show in HoiAn ancient town

Vietnam show in HoiAn ancient town

Improvement of tourism services in Vietnam

Furthermore, interaction with international tourists opens up opportunities for Vietnamese individuals to learn and apply professional tourism standards and services. They recognize the value of providing quality services and creating memorable travel experiences, which improves the quality of domestic tourism and attracts an increasing number of international tourists to Vietnam.

Impressive growth of international tourism in Vietnam

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has recognized Vietnam as one of the top 10 countries with the highest tourism growth rates in the world in recent years. In 2023, the total number of international tourists visiting the country reached 12.6 million people. The National Administration of Tourism has set a target to welcome between 17 and 18 million international tourists next year.

The growth in the number of international tourists visiting Vietnam in recent years partly stems from positive changes in tourism promotion. The National Tourism Service has collaborated with tourism businesses to revitalize international tourism fairs, attracting the participation of many large companies, while also enhancing tourism promotion on social media platforms. Another reason for the growth in the number of international tourists is Vietnam’s visa exemption policy, which has led to a rapid increase in tourists from Europe, with an average growth rate of 20% to 30% compared to previous years, notably from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Our last words,

In conclusion, international tourists bring much more than suitcases filled with souvenirs to Vietnam. Their presence energizes the local economy, enriches Vietnamese culture, and raises awareness about environmental preservation. As a sought-after tourist destination, Vietnam continues to benefit from the positive impacts of travelers from around the world, contributing to sustainable development and the well-being of its population. These positive impacts are evident across various aspects of Vietnamese society, from the economy to culture and the environment, highlighting the importance of international tourism for the country’s development.

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