Talk show “Defeat the Covid-19 and look to the future”

On December 16, with the service providers and colleagues from Image Travel & Events, we got together for a mini talk show at the company. Memories, little stories, efforts, opportunities, and experiences during the pandemic were shared.

Obviously, it was not easy. Most of us have lost our jobs to start from scratch in many different professions. French teacher, online sales, real estate, a workshop for children, domestic travel, deliverers, cooking… Some have succeeded. Some have failed. Some continue to hold out until today to return to tourism.

During the conversation, there are tears of memory that fell, there are also new hopeful smiles. In any case, once the challenge has conquered, we are all winners.

Vietnam officially reopened in 2022. Let’ s leave our emotions, and our difficulties behind to consider together a future with lots of promising projects, hopes, and optimists.

The Image Travel & Events team invites you to share the best moments of the end of the year with us through photos taken at the Christmas party at the company below: