Some travelers hesitate to travel to Vietnam during this traditional national holiday. This is largely explained by the points quoted below. And yet, if you know the keys your stay in Vietnam during New Year will be wonderful and filled with unforgettable memories.

Tet holiday

Traditionally, Vietnamese people enjoy the Tet holiday for 4 days (From the last day of the year to the 3rd day of the new year) to meet and visit friends, relax, and have fun…. Almost all stores and offices are close during this period.

Note: If you travel during the Tet holiday with a travel agency, no problem. Because they had information before the Tet to send you to restaurants that will be open.

If you are traveling alone you will have the pleasure to taste street food.  You can ask a local travel agency which restaurants are still open, or even go shopping before the Tet holiday. For the preparation these 4 days if you stay in an apartment where you can easily cook.

  • Food 

You will be invited by friends throughout the holiday. This may torture your stomach and make you gain weight, just like during Christmas in the west.

Note: Watch your weight with a scale every day, and prepare medication against diarrhea, fever, and hangover,… (remember that drug stores also will be closed during these 4 days).

  • Substantial increase in prices 

During this period, prices tend to increase (double or even triple) while needs are increasing (purchase, entertainment, transport, …) and even the production cannot adapt sufficiently to the demands. This price increase will last from the first day until the sixth day after the Tet.

Note: Do your shopping before the Tet holiday when the prices haven’t increased yet.

  • Local tours 

Local markets and some handicraft workshops are going to close during the Tet festival.

Note: enjoy landscapes, pagodas, and temples, where you will discover the special atmosphere of the Tet holiday. Or just staying in a local house is a good choice that will help you discover the customs of Vietnamese people during this Tet period.

  • The reservation airline ticket and train tickets 

Tet holiday among other festivals is the opportunity for locals to return to their hometown and village which translates into long queues for booking tickets. The lack of availability is not a big surprise. And even if you have booked by calling, your ticket might not be considered and could be canceled. Therefore, make sure to pick up your ticket in time.

Note: Book your ticket a month before to be sure to get a seat.

  • Visiting locals

The majority of Vietnamese people believe that the first visitor on the first day of the Lunar New Year decides the state of the family throughout the whole year. Therefore, Vietnamese people choose in advance their first visitor according to their age which suits the age of all members of the family.

Note: if you want to visit someone’s house, you must avoid visiting on the first day of the Lunar New Year or at least call before asking for permission.