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The dry season is the best time to visit Vietnam, where the climate is very varied. It can be hot and humid in certain months or can be cold in North Vietnam in the last months of the year. Therefore, your customers must learn carefully about the climate of each region of the year to be able to make a favorable travel plan.

General Overview

According to Vietnam travel guide, the best time to visit Vietnam is from October to April. There are also differences in climate between the north and south of the country. Winters in the north are cold and foggy, while the climate in the south is hot and humid for most of the year. The best time to travel to the north is from September to November, when the temperature is suitable, and the best time to visit south Vietnam is from December to April. Embark on a journey to discover unique cultures and breathtaking views.

The North Vietnam

The best time to visit north Vietnam is from September to November, avoiding both summer rains and winter cold. You can also visit this part of the country in April and May, but it is very hot and humid. You will discover the famous Halong Bay and its thousands of small islands, as well as a cruise, essential for any visit to Vietnam. Of course, don’t miss Hanoi, the country’s capital, which mixes traditional lifestyle with modern skyscrapers.

The Central Coast

The period from February to September is preferred for visits to the central coast, as this area is spared by the monsoon rains from May to September. On the other hand, it rains a great deal from October to January, while on the coasts, you’ll discover some of the country’s finest coastal resorts, and enjoy diving, surfing, and windsurfing. You’ll also visit Cham towers, meet with members of the Cham community, and get to know their culture.

The Central Highlands

In the Central Highlands, temperatures are cooler than on the coast, which makes traveling more pleasant. Choose the months from December to April if you can, as these are the driest. You’ll go deep into this mountainous region, discovering small, isolated villages and valleys where you’ll meet with Vietnamese ethnic minorities. Enjoy a weekend in Da Lat and appreciate the calm of the countryside over several days spent away from the crowds.

The South Vietnam

The best time to visit South Vietnam is from December to April: the weather is dry, and you can enjoy long, sunny days. Be warned, however, that the months of March and April are the hottest – so avoid them if you are sensitive to heat. From July to September, there is an enormous amount of rain in southern Vietnam, so it’s better to stay away. You’ll explore the Mekong Delta, a superb wetland region where rice and sugarcane are grown. You’ll roam across isolated beaches and bird reserves, as well as admiring the Khmer Pagodas near Soc Trang and Tra Vinh.